Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's Been Quite The Adventure For My First Week At The MTC!

Here is my Norwegian District
July 1, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

It has been quite the adventure for my first week at the MTC. I showed up, got my luggage out of the car and it was hectic getting my room and everything. I showed up to class and found out we have 13 missionaries in my district going to Norway. We have gotten really close as a district. I have learned how to pray in Norwegian and can communicate with others. We've taught three lessons in Norwegian and we teach another tonight. We have our "investigator" committed to baptism. It has been so much fun. I have a lot of time to study. We practically live in the classroom, but that's ok. It's really fun. We had two devotionals so far; the first was on Sunday by Elder Allen, he’s an area seventy, and then Elder Sitati from the first quorum of the seventy. We really have begun to learn our purpose in bringing others to Christ. We watched a devotional Elder Bednar gave a couple years ago on the character of Christ. It changed my outlook on Christ and who he is. I really have understood now that being Christ like and truly being converted is not simply doing Christ like things, but being that way continually, having that as our character. Christ served others always, no matter how much pain and anguish he was in, or how tired or hungry he was, he always put others first. Because he loved us, his character was to serve. Even when he was betrayed he still blessed others' lives. Many people have the character of Christ, it is not something that happens overnight, it comes from continually turning to Him and remembering Him. Heavenly Father helps us in all that we do. He is always wanting to bless. Because he loves us, he wants to do all he can for us. Miracles happen every day here. It is a sacred place that always has the Spirit. It is so cool to experience having the Holy Ghost with us all of the time to guide, direct, prompt us, and bring all things to our remembrance. There is absolutely no way that we could learn Norwegian in 6 weeks without the Holy Ghost helping and blessings from on high. I love Christ's gospel and I have been so blessed by it.

A normal day in the MTC is getting up at 6:30, getting breakfast, going to gym, getting ready for the day, and then we spend the rest of the day in class except for lunch and dinner. We get out of class at 9:30 at night, just in time for bed.

Elders Mickelson & Gurr
My companion is Elder Gurr from Mesa, AZ. We get along great! He's really outgoing and is very social. Here’s a picture of my companion and I and also a picture of me with my district.

Here’s my MTC address for mailing if anyone ever needs it.

Elder Justin Darryl Mickelson
2009 N 900 E Unit 110
Provo UT 84602


Elder Mickelson

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