Monday, August 10, 2015

I Made It To Norway Finally!

My first companion Elder Cheney
August 10, 2015

Hey Family & Friends!

I made it to Norway finally. I got delayed on Monday so we didn't leave until Wednesday. I got to the mission home in Oslo with all of my bags so that was really awesome. A really cool thing happened at the airport. A Norwegian lady with a couple young kids walked up to me randomly while we were waiting for our bags. Many Norwegians don't approach random people and start talking with them, especially with missionaries. She just started asking a few questions she had about the church. She had seen Meet the Mormons and had many questions about the church. So I got her name and phone number and gave it to the Sister missionaries in Oslo. They teach her and her family tomorrow so it is really exciting.

At the mission home the next morning I met my trainer Elder Cheney from Las Vegas. He's really cool and has been helping me a lot with learning Norwegian. We flew from Oslo to Alta and it is so amazing up here.
My first baptism Johan in the fjord

Saturday, we had a baptism here. Johan got baptized in the fjord and it was such a spectacular experience.  He is such an amazing member.

As far as the language goes, I actually can kind of understand what people are saying. It's not as bad as it was in 'The Best Two Years'. In Alta, they speak a lot slower, which I appreciate... A LOT. They speak around my pace of speech. So that is really nice.

The branch here is very small. We had 16 in church yesterday, but they are so amazing. They are so nice and awesome.
My first Kebab!

I got my first kebab here in Alta (it's tradition that your trainer buys you your first one. so, lucky me) I loved it, and they taste fantastic! I'll include a picture of me with my kebab.

I got to go knock on my first house, that was scary, but really cool. No one let us in but that's ok. Just keep on trying. It's been an awesome week and I'm excited to be a missionary here!


Elder Mickelson

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