Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stayed Busy With More Service!

October 19, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

So this week we stayed busy with more service! We helped build the foundation for the extension of a house. We moved gravel for 8 hours (always fun! :D) seriously, it's really fun lol. We helped put some siding up on a garage. We also stacked some wood. That really made me feel at home haha. Hopefully we get to keep doing more service this week. We might get to help build an extension on a tree house. It would be so legit! haha

But it's been a really good week. We've just been busy with service and the normal stuff. Other than this, not too much sticks out as too noteworthy.

I'm headed to Tronheim here in a few hours to go to a zone conference. That's super exciting. It'll be really fun to get to go there again. It's a really cool city. I think it'd be fun to serve there one day. I guess we'll see!

Have a great week everyone! Here's a picture of Elder Cheney and I with some Bad Limes. You can only get it above the Arctic Circle. It tastes really good by the way. It tastes like Mountain Dew. So have a great week!


Elder Mickelson

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