Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So This Week We Have Kept On Doing More Service

The Northern Lights
October 12, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

So this week, we have kept on doing more service. We worked on installing a garage door. We also ended up putting up some siding for the garage too. One day we went and moved a wind mill. Super legit. Pretty much, most of this week has revolved around service.

We had splits this week. The Tromsø Elders came up to Alta. It was really fun to have more people up here. While we were on splits, we came across a Nepali guy at the university. We got to talking about our church a little bit and he told us we could meet again. So we get to meet with him this week and talk about the Book of Mormon. I'm really excited. I'm hoping for the best!

So I figured you guys would be interested in kinda how my day goes. It's pretty basic but still really awesome. Pretty much getting up. Studies are from 8-11, personal, comp, and language study. Then we take lunch from 11-12. we go work from 12-7. 7-8 is dinner. 8-9 is 12 week (basically a 12 week program which is your training program with your trainer). Then 9-10:30 is just time for yourself. A lot of that time has been spent being outside looking at the northern lights haha.

So the Northern Lights have been super legit this week. We had a few nights where they just filled the entire sky. I got to see green, red, white, blue, purple. It was so cool to see them dancing across the sky.

Here's some pictures of the Northern Lights and the first snow that I saw up here in Norway.


Elder Mickelson

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