Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So This Has Been Quite The Week!

October 5, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

So this has been quite the week! We've been doing a bunch of service throughout the week. We got to work some more on the garage we had helped with earlier. We also got to help with building a little carport.

I ended up finally buying a winter coat. It was definitely a necessary purchase. It's been getting a lot colder up here. It really does feel like Wyoming lol. We got our first snow here. It just so happened to be while we were on a hike! Super awesome! But ya, we are getting our snow tires put onto our car so it'll be just fine.

So we had General Conference these last couple days. It was really wonderful to get to hear from the Apostles. Three new ones were called and I think that was super cool. It'll be strange having a few different ones. I do think that it is so wonderful though to see how Christ's church functions, that it doesn't just end, but that it still continues today.

So I have only seen a few of the conference sessions because of the time difference, but we are going to be watching the last couple over the next few days. So next week I'll fill you in with which were my favorites. Oh! So for those that are wondering, we ended up watching conference over the internet. We just watched it on the computer so that was pretty great.

Sorry for not any pictures this week. I'll get some sent next week!

So for a random thought, I can't remember if I've shared this yet or not, but I got to eat some reindeer heart. It tastes pretty awesome. Oh, and some dried fish, so both are really awesome. They taste interesting, but they still are awesome!

Have an awesome week everyone!


Elder Mickelson

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