Monday, May 8, 2017

I Had A Awesome Week!

Elder Mickelson Enjoying The View
May 8, 2017

Hello Everyone!!!

I had an awesome week, and I hope all of you did too. This week felt a little all over the place but it was a really solid week. Everything from meeting with several people, to a selfie day, to a couple barbecues made the week fly by.

Elder Mickelson & Elder Nelson
We went on a hike up in the mountains this week. In Norway, it entails basically parking in a neighborhood and start walking along the trail behind everyone's houses. Before you know it, there's nothing in sight except for trees. (I spy, something green... A tree (If you name the movie I'll be impressed)) It was a blast. We didn't decide where we wanted to go, so all of us just started hiking along random trails and eventually went to a lake up on the top somewhere. It was so beautiful! Way fun, really enjoyed it. Next time we'll need to go up with a grill and some burgers or something. I did get some great pictures from our hike too. So, ya. Perks of Norway, awesome pictures!

We had a "Selfie Day" also this week. At first I was really skeptical at the sound of it. Selfie day? What am I supposed to even do? Go take pictures with random people?! Come to find out, it wasn't necessarily like that. It was a chance for the missionaries/church to get out there a bit on social media. It was way fun. A random person on the street wanted to take a picture with us, so we told her to put it on like Instagram and we did the same with some other members too. It was way fun, and a chance for people to see the missionaries out and about! So maybe next time they see us on the street, they'll stop us because they saw us on Instagram or Facebook once!

A Nice View
Dugnad. Dugnad is a Norwegian word that sums up a Norwegian service project. It'd be defined basically as a community/group volunteer project (often cleaning up something) and seems to often involve someone in charge of waffles. Way fun get togethers for a common goal. ANYWAYS, we had a dugnad in the church this week. So a bunch of church members got together and deep cleaned the church. Waffles were included, and yes they were delicious. I helped in a dugnad at the church in Sandvika last year, and I think they're awesome! A great way for everyone to help out!

We got to do some service this week for a person who lives in this gorgeous area outside of Drammen! Holy cow! Imagine farming community by the water. It was great. We helped out with some yard work and it was great!

To top off this week, we had a couple of barbecues. Wow. I've sure missed them. That's one of the great parts of Norway in the spring/summer. Grilling. Everyone just loves grilling. So I've had some great burgers and pork steaks. Yup :) Summer is on it's way, and the grills are coming out!

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for being awesome!


Elder Mickelson

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