Monday, December 5, 2016

This Has Been Such A Fun Week!

Packed on the couch in the mission home. Elder Daly, Elder Stephens, Elder Larson, me

December 5, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This has been such a fun week! We flew down to Oslo for a new missionary training. That was a couple days long, but a lot of fun. I got to see a lot of missionaries I know and I got to meet a couple new ones (basically just the ones that came with Elder Dawes and the set after him). I do have to say though, the missionary work will continue being in good hands being passed down to these new missionaries.

The sunrise at the mission home. 
We actually got to see the 
sun a little bit afterwards 
for a little bit, 
then it disappeared again...

One evening we got to watch The Best Two Years. For those that haven't seen it, it's a stereotyped movie of what a mission in Europe is like. Hilarious movie, and the longer I'm out here, the more I can relate to it.

We had a WAFFLESTAND this week. (sadly, I failed to take a picture of it and I realized that afterwards) Anyways, we had a stand in the middle of the city in this city square, but covered area. It's kind of a mall, but kind of not. Either way, we set up a stand and started handing out free waffles to people, and sharing on a TV the #lighttheworld project, a 25 days of service project of simple ways we can help others.

I was sent a list of 12 Norwegian foods to have before you die and was asked if I've had them yet. So, I'll share the list, tell you if I've had it or not, and elaborate on what they are/taste like. Here we go!

1. Brown cheese - Yes, it's delicious. It just takes some getting used to. It's a really soft cheese, and it is kind of tastes caramel. Kind of. Still delicious either way.
2. Tube caviar - Yes. I've had it like twice. It's ok. I guess if you like fish eggs then you should try it. Just imagine a metal tube of caviar, and squeezing that all over your sandwich or toast. It's not bad, just really different.

3. Pickled herring - YES! Really good. It'd be hard to eat a ton at once because that stuff is potent! But either way, still good.

4. Cloudberries - Yup! I think I've picked these on a hike before and I've had them in jam form. They're a bit pricey because they are less common than your average raspberries growing on the side of the road. Sorry, I have no luck at trying to explain it's taste.

5. Norwegian waffles - Yup! typically, they are made into heart-shaped waffles. They are really soft, and you would put sour cream on it, and some brown cheese, and maybe some jam on it to top it off!

6. Lutefisk - Sadly, no. I really want to try it. I guess it just tastes like fish jell-o. But it's common to put a bunch of bacon with it and it just tastes like bacon. If I'm lucky I'll try it sometime soon!

7. Potato lefse - YES!!!! IT'S SO AMAZING!!! I just finished eating some of it! It's pretty much just a tortilla made out of potato, and then it has a cinnamon butter spread on the inside and then folded up. Incredible. Love it!

8. Salmon - Yes. Norwegian salmon, what else can I say? Tastes really good. If you like salmon, it's great. If you don't, you probably wouldn't like it. Salmon used to be pretty cheap but it's more expensive now.

9. Hot dogs - Yup. Still just as good. Except here, instead of buns, you put it on potetlomper which is like a flat potato cake (kinda like a tortilla, except smaller) and then you put the hot dog on it and potato salad and crispy fried onion and top it off with some mustard. So much better than the standard American hot dog in my opinion.

10. Fiskeboller - Yes. Fish balls. They aren't too bad. Just imagine a meat ball. Now make it fish. And then put it in a brine. It's not too bad. I've only had it once or twice.

11. Reindeer meat - WONDERFUL!!! It's soooo good!!!! I think it's amazing. And then I'll add whale on the list too. Just as good. But yeah, reindeer is like elk. It's really great.

12. Matpakke - I guess I have. It's basically just a sack lunch. So, really just a sandwich and a vegetable or fruit or something. But sandwiches here are wonderful. Open face sandwiches. One piece of bread for a sandwich. Not two. More meat, less bread. How can that not be awesome?!

So there's the end of the list. Maybe it has inspired you to look around and find some randomly Norwegian food to try. If you find some, eat it because it's good! (in my opinion at least).

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Take care and make sure to take some time to think of those around you to help. The Christmas season is a time to focus less on ourselves and more on others. Find someone in need!

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17


Elder Mickelson
Me in front of the King's Palace in Oslo 
(yes, I know I don't look amused. 
That wasn't how I actually was, just a bad picture haha)

Elder Dawes in front of the King's Palace in Oslo

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