Monday, October 3, 2016

This Has Been Such An Uplifting Week!

Another beautiful sunset
October 3, 2016

Hello Everyone!

"All of us are seeking to be converted" -Elder Robert D. Hailes

This has been such an uplifting week! Well, I guess that naturally happens when getting to listen to General Conference (a semi-annual worldwide church conference where several general authorities of the church speak on different subjects to help strengthen our relationship to our loving Heavenly Father). If you didn't get a chance to hear it or want to listen/watch it, it's on Check it out! it was really great!
Elder Mickelson & Elder Stephens

In this last week, Elder Stephens moved away from Bodø. It was really sad to have him leave and say goodbye to everyone, but on the bright side, I was staying! Bodø is a great city, I love being here.

After Elder Stephens left, Elder Dawes flew in. Elder Dawes is fresh from the MTC, so it's been so much fun having him as a companion. He's from Springfield, UT and just graduated this last spring. He's a tall guy! He's like 6' 2", I'm pretty sure my tallest companion so far. There has been a couple close ones, but I'm pretty sure he's the tallest. He's a really fun guy that is really smart with Family History, so this is a great place for him! Especially considering that we have a family history center here. So that will be great. Hopefully I'll get a lot better at it now!

The new missionaries that just came
in and where they are going.
Elder Collett, Elder Briggs and Elder Dawes
General Conference was such a wonderful way to end this previous week. There were so many good talks! I can't just pick one to suggest for you all or one as my favorite.

In the Priesthood session of General Conference, Elder Holland gave some wonderful counsel when caring for others in need. He said that we need to love and listen until the sun rises in their lives.

I think that it an amazing principle. When we are trying to assist someone who is struggling or needs to be helped back up upon their feet, we need to love them and listen to them. Many times, that is what people need, someone that cares and will listen to them. And that is something that they will need in until the metaphorical suns of their lives rise again.

One last thought that I really liked from conference was something that Elder LeGrand R Curtis Jr. said. It was that faith is strengthened during adversity. During the bumps in the road of our lives, that is when we begin to see our faith become more concrete, strengthened, and grow greater than it would along the smooth sailing points along that same path. I just hope not ALL of the points of life are bumpy, but that those times of adversity can strengthen my faith. I do believe that in adversity, we really do become strengthened by the hand of the Lord.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for all of you and what you do!


Elder Mickelson
Elder Mickelson and Elder Tangen on splits.
Blood pancakes (really tasty by the way)
A view from a place outside of Bodø

Our group run on splits in Mo i Rana

Cool shoes picture
Another view of the fjord
Elder Stephens with a WW2 weapon

A little pond with ducks swimming around 
(maybe you can't see the ducks but they were there)

Rocky shoreline
Elder Dawes seeing the northern lights for the first time.

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