Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy Week Of Travel & Picture Taking!

October 17, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Crazy week! But definitely one to put down in the books. So we started off last week by catching a morning bus to Narvik... A city 6 1/2 hours to the North by bus plus a ferry ride in the middle. Yes, we bused it all. It was so much fun though. I started running through my camera battery quite quickly. But hey, I still got some great pictures so that was great!

A tiny little community out on 

the edge of the fjord. 

I definitely considered options of 

how I could live out here.

After arriving, we spent P-Day with the missionaries in Narvik by doing a little fishing (sadly, I didn't catch anything. But hey, it's called fishing, not catching.)

The next morning (Tuesday) we headed out the door, walked down through the town, and made it over to the local mall/bus station and hopped onto another bus headed West through Lofoten.

After weaving between mountains, climbing hills, travelling through every little town, going through some tunnels, and up over some bridges, and taking PLENTY of pictures along the way for quite some time (like 7 1/2 hours), we eventually came to our destination.

How would you like this as your backyard view of the beach?

By the way, on this bus trip, I started talking to this guy in front of me from Belgium. Way cool guy that just decided to last minute, fly up here and bus through/camp/hike Lofoten for a week. Talk about being spontaneous. But hey, why not?!

Now all of this really did have a reason for all of the bus travel! We were visiting a member from church that lives WAY out in the tip of Lofoten, but the problem was is that to get there to visit, it requires a very extensive bus trip to get out there (as you probably have noticed). But it was so worth it! We showed up and we were warmly welcomed in and got to visit with her for a few hours. (Yes, she made DELICIOUS food. I'm pretty sure just everyone here in Norway makes incredible food. We had some trout for dinner in case you were wondering.)

Å, one of the most popular cities in Lofoten 

just because of it's name. 

Å is the last letter in the alphabet,

plus the last town at the tip of Lofoten

After a wonderful visit, she drove us out to the tip of Lofoten to a town called "Å". Such a cool place. It was dark so we couldn't see much, but I still got a picture of the town sign!

Well, after driving to Å, she drove us to the ferry which would bring us back to Bodø. We said bye and hopped onto the ferry which took us on a 3 hour trip back to Bodø.

Fun fact/side note, the whole bus/ferry trip cost us nothing because we could ride on our bus passes which work in a giant part of Northern Norway! 18 hours of travel, seeing some of the most beautiful parts of Norway, a dead battery from taking so many pictures, some cramped legs, and getting sick and tired of eating peanuts and chocolate, priceless. Definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Needless to say, when Tuesday night rolled around, I was happy to be home. Home sweet home. Back in good ol' Bodø. The familiar streets, people, sights, and everything. Always good to be back.

Have a great week everyone! Take care! Kos dere!


Elder Mickelson

Advertisements on a building for chocolate 
and Coca-cola and constructions stuff

Steep mountains around the fjord

Fjord with a little farm

Islands spotted around the shore
Another Pretty View

Another cool little community

Nice green fields

Blue skies, sharp mountains, need I say more?

And this one too a backyard view

Some boats docked in the green fjord water

Fjord with colorful water

Shoreline coming down through Lofoten

Cute little coastal town

Check out that sun and shadow!


Rocky coastline

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