Monday, April 25, 2016

Stake Conference In Romerike

April 25, 2016

Hello Everyone,

We had a full week of talking with people and the normal missionary work, BUUUUUUT, on top of it all, we had stake conference! That topped off a really great week!

Elder Tangen in the sunset
We did have the normal talking to people on the street and knocking on doors this week, and that went well. We did however meet a really awesome guy on the street though! We talked about finding out if God exists and we talked about life after death. We had an awesome conversation. We gave him a Book of Mormon too, which he seemed excited to learn about and read. He'll be on vacation for a few weeks, but we will meet with him afterwards. It was really great!

As a side note, it's been snowing off and on these last few days... while at the same time being really warm. I don't think that the weather can make up its mind when it comes to springtime in Norway!

Like I said earlier, we also had stake conference this weekend. So all of the churches in Eastern Norway (plus Trondheim), our entire stake, had a meeting in Romerike. It was a really great opportunity to see everyone I knew from Fredrikstad again, and also a great opportunity to learn. It was wonderful to see basically the entire Fredrikstad ward. A lot happens in two months of being gone! It was great to catch up with everyone and say hello.

I hope you all have a great week this week!

Oh! As of two days ago I did reach my 10 months mark. So almost at the halfway point! It's crazy!

Have a great week!


Eldste Mickelson

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