Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fredrikstad Has Around 80k People

December 14, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Well It's sunny... but definitely NOT 75 degrees. I do have to say it's a ton warmer here in Fredrikstad than it was in Alta. So that's been a huge difference.

I literally had not seen the sun in 4 weeks. Then when I was on my train ride from Oslo to Fredrikstad, out of the train window, this strange light flooded the car... Then I realized it was the sun!

Fredrikstad has around 80,000 people I believe. It's quite larger than Alta. There's a real place to contact here. That has been a really great experience getting to talk to people in an area larger than Alta. I miss it there in Alta though.

I am blown away by how amazing the members are in Norway. They are so amazing. The branch in Alta is so incredible. They have helped me so much. Then I moved here, and they are just as amazing. The church in Norway is full of so many spectacular people.

This week has been full of new sights and people. I got to meet a lot of the ward in church yesterday. It is weird having church for 3 hours again. I got used to having just 2 in Alta! It sure is different, but it wasn't too hard to adjust to at all. There was about 70 people in church this week. I think it was about that at least. We happen to have 6 missionaries in the Fredrikstad ward. It is so cool to have so many missionaries for one ward!

My companion is Elder Mitchell. We were in the MTC together, and he is a really cool guy. We've been getting along really well. I guess that's what happens when you can sit and quote movies all day with each other.

We went to Gamlebyen in Fredrikstad today. Gamlebyen is the really old part of the city that was created a very long time ago. Well around 300 years ago. So, quite a while ago. Well we visited this part of town. It is the old part of the city full of cannons and a fortress protecting the city of Fredrikstad. It was really cool. There even was an old Anti-Aircraft gun there. It was an awesome area to visit. Oh, and we took a ferry there to Gamlebyen. I didn't know that ferries could be so fun!
A view of Fredrikstad from the ferry.

So I'd like to share what I learned this week. I've been reflecting on my experiences in Alta and how they changed who I am and how I see things. I believe that the greatest lesson I learned there was how to always be myself. I learned that we have to continue to be ourselves and not change who we are just to change to be someone that we really aren't. When we forget who we really our, we lose a part of ourselves. We lose the part of us that makes us relatable. We then become somebody that we aren't. When we stay true to who we are, that is where we see growth and change in our lives that will truly change us to help us be better people.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Have a great week preparing for Christmas!


Elder Mickelson

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