Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This Week Has Been Really Cool.

September 14, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

This week has been really cool. We got to teach a really cool guy this week. He's younger but is really interested in religion. So it was really an amazing experience to get to talk with him. He said we could come back another time, so we will visit him again and teach him more.

Our seagull friend we saved!

Wednesday we were in our room studying and heard a bunch of noise coming from the roof. After a bit I looked out the window and a seagull was hanging upside down from the corner of our roof. We went out there and pulled up a ladder and moved the gutter on the roof that was keeping its foot caught there. So we got to be heroes for a seagull this week haha.

Me under the Northern Lights

That same night, and every night since, we've been seeing the Northern Lights. I freaked out when I first saw them. They were really strong the first night. It was so cool to see them dancing around the sky. That first night we got to see a bunch of different colors and they were really active. So it's been such an amazing experience. I'm just so excited to get to keep seeing them.

We had our transfers call yesterday and both Elder Cheney and I are staying here in Alta for the next 6 weeks! It's going to be fun!

We tried making cookies Saturday for a member in our branch that has helped us a ton. They started as cookies... and then turned into a brownie-like mix when we added the melted chocolate...and then seemed like a mix between a brownie and cake after baking it. I guess it turned out really good though. So that's a perk for us haha.

So I didn't explain the Polar Bear Club very well when I wrote about joining the Club. So pretty much there is this museum for the Polar Bear Club in Hammerfest. So if you want to be a member, you go through the museum and see the history of Polar Bears and hunting of Arctic animals in the Hammerfest area. Well they made this Club to help preserve polar bears. It was really interesting to learn about it all. But I ended up getting a certificate and a card saying I'm a member, and I ended up getting a little polar bear pin with it too. It's pretty cool haha.

So one quick thing about some of the food in Norway. Reindeer. You can buy reindeer sticks (similar to beef jerky) in Norway as easily as you buy beef jerky in the U.S. It tastes really good. It's pretty similar to elk, a little fattier tasting though (well the reindeer sticks at least).

Have a good week!


Elder Mickelson

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