Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last Supper

Back Row: Lexie Stephenson, Cailey Gammell, Lauren Gammell, Jamie Weaver, Chris Weaver, Melissa Weaver
Front: Eric Stephenson, Elizabeth Stephenson, Joyce Ballard, JD Mickelson, Angela Gammell, Aaron Weaver, Trisha Weaver
(Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandma)

We all enjoyed the night before at dinner (last supper), as Elder JD Mickelson prepares to enter into the Missionary Training Center for 6 weeks and prepare himself to go to Oslo Norway Mission.

Dinner with the cousins at Chuck-O-Rama.

Happy Times

We put 3 tables together so we could enjoy this moment.

The awkwardness of saying goodbye.

Cousin Jamie Weaver saying goodbye to Elder Mickelson.

Cousin Melissa Weaver with Elder Mickelson.

Cousin Chris Weaver with Elder Mickelson.

(Return Missionary) Cousin Chris Weaver giving Elder Mickelson some last minute advice and wisdom.

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